Information & Awareness

Working from home

Stay alert, control the virus, save lives.

For the foreseeable future, workers should continue to work from home rather than their normal physical workplace, wherever possible. This will help minimise the number of social contacts across the country and therefore keep transmissions as low as possible.

However, all workers who cannot work from home should travel to work if their workplace is open. Sectors of the economy that are allowed to be open should be open, this includes;

  • Critical sectors
  • food production
  • construction
  • manufacturing
  • logistics
  • distribution
  • scientific research in laboratories

As soon as practicable, workplaces should follow the “COVID-19 Secure” guidelines. These will ensure the risk of infection is as low as possible, while allowing as many people as possible to resume their livelihoods.

It’s important that you DO NOT leave your home to go to work if you or anyone in your household has symptoms, however mild. Those with symptoms should self-isolate, as should those in their households.